• Active Construction.

    My series of work  called ’Active Construction’ was inspired by the downtown of Budapest. The dilapidated buildings, firewalls and empty plots follow each other in a specific rythm, thus effecting a continuous contrast. In the course of developing the form the main aspect was to picture the tension caused by these facts. My concept and the shapes of my objects are enhanced by the pate de verre technique, since the static form and the fractured surface arouses tension and refers to transiency. I built a structure of the glass grains, however the free motion of the glass within the mould resulted in an organic surface. The color difference between the sheets and bars, and the fine gradients that can be seen at their junctions allude to a living material as well. In the course of creating my work the concepts to keep in mind were ’building-demolition’, ’artificial-natural’ and ’geometric-organic’, looking for an inner balance and a brief moment in time with the help of these concepts.

    I. 50 cm x16,5 cm x 15 cm
    II. 50 cm x16,5 cm x 15 cm
    III. 50 cm x16,5 cm x 15 cm
    IV. 50 cm x16,5 cm x 20 cm

    Photo: Csanád Szesztay